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Arya Samaj is the best alternative for people of all religions. Arya Samaj marriage is an open solution for marriage to everyone. Marriage is a prominent and very auspicious moment of human life. In Indian society, it holds a pietistic place. Arya Samaj Marriage is solemnized accordance with the Vedic rituals. In Arya Samaj marriages, the pooja is not performed, because Arya Samaj marriage does not have faith in idol worship. Fire and some other main components are the only witnesses to the wedding ceremony. Simpleness is the primary characteristics of Arya Samaj marriage. The rituals and rites are performed by the Vedas and the mantras so that the couple must know what the meanings of their marriage vows. Hence, Arya Samaj marriage is the best and undoubtedly a advisable place of the wedding ceremony.

Love Marriage in Arya Samaj Mandir
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Love Marriage is the God gift of a happy and long lasting life. It enhances the intention of living life as long as possible. Love marriage is not just a by chance, it is the desire of God. Love marriage in brief can be defined as a single soul in two bodies. Love marriage is the best way of happy life. In Arya Samaj Mandir love marriage is solemnized in a very easy and simple way within very short time with the all valid rituals of wedding ceremony. Overall, this is the best and suitable destination for love marriage.
Procedure of Arya Samaj
Arya Samaj Marriage is applicable amongst Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs or Jains. A Hindu marriage can be solemnized between two Hindus (often when they are of different religion or nations) (Muslim or Christian)
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Love Marriage in Arya Samaj
A love marriage is a union of two individuals based upon mutual love, affection, commitment and attraction. Love is a dream and marriage is just an extension of this dream to reality.
procedure of arya samaj marriage
Arya Samaj Marriage Certificate
Marriage Registration Certificate is issued to both Husband and Wife whose marriage has already been solemnised. The Registration is done under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or under the Special Marriage Act, 1954.
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